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Enkele voorbeelden van krulletjes...


What is happening ?


Everything radiates outward.


Call it Force, Energy, Radiation, Light, Gravity, Magnetism, Atomic power, or Love...
Everything does this, every proton, electron, atom, molecule, cluster, organ, body, birds, bees, trees, flowers, even the entire earth, the sun, the moon, the cosmos... all just radiate.

So, everything is also getting incoming radiation from all other things...

Everything is under the influence of everything...



What does the interaction look like ?


Everything dances around everything, like a Tango or a Wals.

And then the magic starts...

When two vortices interact under the right conditions, a gateway to the aether realm opens, matter can implode or dematerialise and leave a vaccume, and equally possible, matter can materialise from the aether realm into the material world. That can be any matter, depending on the circumstances of the vortex.
Matter comes into existance on the cusp of the interacting radiating fields.

That is why the earth and all the planets are sort of circular and why earth is growing.

Nothing in nature is exact, everything naturally balances on the local cusp.
This radiation, or Love, creates and grows, lives and dies, materialises and dematerialises.