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Future of WordPress HostingWordpress-Cluster-Topology

Now you can host your WordPress site on a high performance Auto Scaling cluster environment.
A WordPress cluster handles high load and load spikes, ensures zero downtime, improves overall performance for end-users and cuts maintenance costs.

You can get good results with a powerfull server, but the monthly costs will also be very high, all the time.
We keep costs low because you only pay for the resouces your website uses, only when it needs them.

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Auto Scaling

WordPress PaaS automatically scales any website, both vertically and horizontally, making hosting of applications truly flexible. Never overpay for unused resources and save time due to eliminating the necessity of handling the load-related adjustments or architectural changes.

  • Automatic vertical and horizontal scaling based on load trigger;
  • Container auto-discovering and interlinking during scaling;
  • Sticky load balancing and smart traffic distribution;
  • Scaling limits for CPU, memory, disk space and I/O usage per container;
  • Scalable pre-packaged cluster for complex Dockerized applications.

Pay only used

When your website gets busy and the load spikes, the system quickly scales up.
And afterwards scales back down again.
The advantage of this is that you don’t have to pay for a large server all the time, only when your website needs it.
Costs are kept down while perfomance stay’s up, all the time.


Easy Deployment

WordPress PaaS represents a platform for easy DevOps and easy managment of WordPress in a microservices architecture.

  • Deploy from Public and Private Hub Registries;
  • Integration with Git/SVN and CI/CD tools;
  • Support of stateful, legacy and microservice applications;
  • Zero downtime re-deployment and automated updates;
  • Deployment via “compose up” and “docker stack” commands.


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