Without Diversity We will die of Boredom
If we are Diverse How can we understand each Other?
Maybe Misunderstanding is the Mother of Creativity
Who is the Father?

The Problem of The Closed System:
Although specifications do vary between different machines, generally the number of pixels or the number of colours available do not change under run-time conditions.
So it seems reasonable to assume that Computer Image Generating Hardware must essentially form a closed system with a fixed number of potential images.
Surely then the artist/programmer can ultimately do little more than select one or more images from the large but finite array of possibilities passively present in the hardware. The bit patterns which form the images are systematically coded in a fairly simple manner so one can easily read in the required bit pattern to produce the desired image.
The limitless possibilities of the machine would appear to be a myth. The fun of the game seems to be limited to finding ways to generate the required bit patterns directly from the specifications of the artist (i.e. naked woman with sunset and trees = bit pattern 2.34567 E27). But what happens when there are less bit patterns than there are artists?
Obviously, the limitations of this digital paint by numbers system must be deeply worrying for the artist who by cultural tradition is expected to produce some form of original, culturally relevant personal statement.
So, can a closed universe generate an infinite number of images?

What is the Relationship
-The creation of wealth in economics -The creation of matter in physics -The creation of ideas in art?