Trevor Batten:
     Some Notes on the Works in the RANDOM ECOLOGIES Series:

 I.    The Concept:

      The connecting theme is a search for autonomous machines which generate
      images not exactly logical but not without interest.

      The work in this series is involved with integrating different image
      principles into a single machine.

      The programs are Real-Time computer performances by families of
      sub-programs, each based on a different image generation or processing
      principle, working together to form a synthetic (visual) ecology.
      A world where the competing elements form silent visual images based
      on games of chance and design, order and chaos, organic and inorganic
      form, interaction and independence.

      A time-sharing system draws incomplete form fragments and generates
      a visual interweaving within the continually changing structures.

 I.    The Work:
    POLYMORPH 1991:
          Random selection and organization of forms based on circles
          plus flat and pseudo-three-dimensional polygons. A set of
          connected line-segments chase each other across the screen
          adding to the general turmoil.
    MANDALA   1991:
          Flat and pseudo-three-dimensional polygons, sometimes related
          and sometimes independent, are integrated into more complex
          images by an image processing cell automat.
    SCROLL    1992:
          The image processing cell automat plays literally a more
          central role this time. Plumes, circle-segments and other
          forms are presented for processing. The image become fragmented
          and shifted around but the processing continues.....
    CARNIVAL  1992:
          A Plethora of circles, blocks and other forms, processing,
          flashing, springing, growing or just being. A festival of
          form and colour.
  Trevor Batten
  Amsterdam, March 1998