Trevor Batten:

 Biographical Notes.

       Born 16.5.45 Hillingdon, England.
       Studied at Loughborough, Exeter and Brighton Colleges of Art
       specializing in sculpture (Exeter, 1964/67) and printmaking
       (Brighton, 1968).

       Part-time lecturer at art colleges in Brighton (3-d studies, 1968)
       and Sunderland (printmaking, 1970/71).

       Produced first computer generated graphic image with the help of a
       friendly mathematician while studying at Exeter College of Art.
       Continued experimenting with computer generated graphic images during
       part-time programming course in Leicester Polytechnic (1969) until
       discovered and ejected because of excessive use of computer time.
       Departed England to study at Institute for Sonology, Utrecht (1972)
       in search of visual applications for sonological (electronic-
       musicological) concepts as a possible basis for computer images.
       Got involved with problems of "Cross Media Mapping" as a result
       of trying to translate sound structures into visual (video) images.
       Fell in love with analogue studio, but was forced back to the computer
       due to lack of financing required to build necessary image synthesizer.
       Rejected sound as unnecessary complication and concentrated on images.
       Experimented with computer generated (abstract) static images related
       to problems of visual translation and interpretation processes.
       Started theorizing. Wasted many years wrestling with Dutch pragmatism,
       looking for money and trying to propagate (conceptual) computer art.
       In 1987 the purchase of an Amiga computer financed by half a Work-
       Grant from the Dutch Ministry of Culture enabled work to begin with
       dynamic visual image generation processes. In 1993 a tentative begin
       was made to reintroduce sound in relation to the visual images.

       Was teacher of Media Art at the AKI school of Fine Art in Enschede
       (somewhere near the Dutch/German border) from 1 April 1988 until
       1 May 1999. Now slightly infamous in some circles. Lives in Amsterdam,
       but enjoys travelling. Has attended a number of international
       conferences on computer art (education) and is interested in
       international collaboration regarding the theory and practice
       of digital Media Art and the cultural implications of the new media.

                      (activities 1989-97)

    Group exhibition "Art and Computers" (organized by Cleveland Arts, GB)
    Touring Aberdeen, Bradford, Glasgow & Stornoway, feb 1989 - jan 1990

    Participant "International Seminar on the Training of Creators in
    New Technologies" UNESCO/University of Quebec in Montreal,
    Montreal, Canada  12 - 16 June 1989

    Participant International Workshop "New Media- Visual Education
    in Electronic Culture" Polish Association of Art
    Education and Wroclaw State High School of Arts, Polanica Zdroj,
    Poland 3 - 10 sept 1989

    Participant international conference "Technoculture en Europe"
    Council of Europe and CETECH, Paris 17 - 18 nov.1989

    Computer images published by:
    Deutches Bundesbahn (Ice Galerie, Frankfurt am Main, june 1990)
    Commodore GmbH,     (Promotion ORGATECH, Cologne, November 1990)
    Commodore GmbH,     (Promotion CEBIT, Hannover, March 1991)
    Bau und Bodem Bank, (Annual Report, Frankfurt am Main, 1992)

    Article "Computer, Kitsch und Moden" (translation) Published in
    "Computer Art Faszination", Dr. Dotzler Medien-Institut Computer Art,
    Frankfurt am Main, 1991

    Participant "Schau mir in die Augen" Videobeelden voor Kassel
    Documenta Archiv, Kassel, 28 june - 6 july 1991

    Participant Computergraphik Werk-Stadt, Art Gallery
    IMPRINTA 92, Dusseldorf, 19 - 25 feb 1992

    Speaker: "Rational Creativity? -Aesthetic experiences in the medium"
    Syposium III -Computer Graphics and Advertizing: A duo in Harmony,
    IMPRINTA 92, Dusseldorf, 24 feb 1992

    Participant telecommunication project "Telecosmos", Expo America '92,
    National Telecommunication Commission, Buenos Aires, 12 oct - 28 dec 1992

    Work Included in SISEA (Groningen 1990), TISEA (Sydney 1992),
    ISEA (Helsinki 1994), ISEA (Montreal 1995)

    Participation International Fax projects in Edinburgh (1993), Glasgow
    (1994), McMinnville USA (1994), Sydney (1994), McMinnville USA (1996)

    Participant Festival "Nova Telesnost" (New Bodies), MKC Maribor,
    Maribor, Slovenia, 24 - 31 Aug 1996

    Participant reaction project "MendelSom" Kunst-Ruimte, Kampen NL, Jan. 1997

    Participant  "Performance Box Project"
    Antartica Celebration Party, Cultuurwerkplaats, Eindhoven NL, 29 June 1997

    Participant International Festival of New Film and Video
    Split, Croatia, 6 - 12 October 1997

                      (other activities)

    -Bradford Print Biennale, Bradford, England 1972
    -Group Exhibition "Digitale Beelden" Bonnefantenmuseum
     Maastricht 4 may - 1 June 1986
    -Group Exhibition: Galerie/Atelier E
     Zurich, Zwitzerland 22 jan - 21 mar 1987
    -Participant "Synthesis: Visual Arts in the Electronic Culture"
     International UNESCO seminar, Offenbach/Main FDR, 6 - 11 dec. 1987
    -Appointed Part-time Lecturer in digital media, AKI, Enschede April 1988
    -Participant international conference "Technoculture in Europe"
     Art+Com, Council of Europe and Werkstatt Berlin, Berlin 4 - 6 nov.1988